07/03/2019 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have come out of our winter hibernation and we have been baking, taking exciting photos, developing our new menus, (more than one!), designing our new logo, discovering vegan alternatives and refreshing the website. We have also replaced our van Alison RIP with Beatrix our horse box trailer! Beatrix means, she who brings happiness, and so we thought it was quite fitting. I hope she brings happiness to us and happiness to all our customers. Right back to the website building…..

06/12/2018 - We are busy developing the website, the brand, the menu… its all go! If you have any last minute wedding booking for next year please do contact us on the contact page and we shall see if we can squeeze you into our summer plans. It will soon come round!

16/10/2018 - WOW! What a busy couple of weeks. We have had two busy wedding fairs and can’t wait for the Chosen Wedding Fair this weekend either! We have just got to get through all the booking requests before then.

26/09/2018 - Oh no another month has gone by without posting. We have come to the end of our main festival season so we will be spending the rest of the year getting on top of paperwork and the website, and booking for next year, so if you would like us at your event contact us above!

22/08/2018 - HELLO!  We are currently trying to update the pictures on our site from our busy summer. Stay tuned.....

20/06/2018 - We have a banner and a shop front for our Alisonless tangent of the business. It means we can be in two places at once! Delivering more scones to more people, and who doesn't want that! See us this weekend at the Handmade Fair at Bowood House with Alison and with the banner at Longleat food festival. 



10/06/2018 - As you can tell we have been very busy at scone towers. A little to busy to update the website but we should be there now. Have a look at our event galleries which include photos from the BIGGEST CREAM TEA PARTY EVER! Hoping to book in some more events soon. Keep an eye out!

14/05/2018 - First festival done! It was very enjoyable and it was nice to meet all the lovely fellow foodie people. The only way is up!

08/05/2018 - Wedding photo shoot DONE! Prep for the Bristol Foodies Festival - we are almost there! Bring on the baking! for our first festival!

25/04/2018 - Exciting news! - We are going to be part of the World Record attempt of the most people eating cream teas at any one time, and we are making the scones! Check out our video on our social media and the Great Estate website

09/04/2018 - We did it! Our first wedding fair. Thank you to all the welcoming weddingy people and the very supportive brides and grooms for their lovely comments. Check our social feeds for pictures @sconetmrrw. 

03/04/2018 - We are going to be at the Wedding Emporium at Bath Showground on Saturday and Sunday. Please do come and join us at our first event. (FINALLY!)

11/03/2018 - We are taking photos of our new van 'Alison' this weekend so look out for them soon!

07/03/2018 - Alison is done! Please check out the pictures and video on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

01/03/2018 - It's SNOWING! - so understandably we will not be at the wedding fair on Saturday and Sunday at Bath Showground. So close and yet so far.

28/02/2018 - Lots going on! Kickstarter people should now all have their merch. Thank you again. Flour, jam, dairy and packaging have all arrived for the wedding fair on Saturday and Sunday at Bath Royal Showground, so all that is left to do is make 600 scones! 

15/02/2018 - Our calendar is now up and running with what's going on with us and our van Alison. Please do take a look!

13/02/2018 - Happy Pancake Day! - (still not as good as a scone btw). Merch for our Kickstarter helpers will soon be out and we are booking events, festivals and the like very quickly so if you would like Alison with you this summer get her booked in soon! More info to come soon. Exciting news is on the way!



31/01/2018 - We made our Kickstarter total! Thank you to all those who helped. More news soon!

22/01/2018 - Tea and jam tasting tonight, along with a wholemeal scone option. Lots of decisions sorted out. Kickstarter runs out till the end of the week so its gonna be push push push till then!

06/01/2018 - Happy New Year! Our Kickstarter is still running till the end of the month if you can help -